Police Reportedly Asked to Leave Arizona Starbucks Because Customer Felt Unsafe


The manager sent an apology letter. If it was a group of hoodlums, respectively paying customers, would they have gotten an apology letter. How about if it was a group of construction workers. It could have been a group of women. Point being, if they were making someon feel uncomfortable, then the barista did the right thing in asking them to leave. Just because they were police officers doesn’t make a difference when people feel intimidated.

What does that tell you about the police officers? It seems to me they must have had wanted to make people feel intimidated. I remember growing up respecting law enforcement. They were there to protect and serve, whatever that meant. It seems to me, poloce officers are training their K9 better than the people they recruite. First, they’re confusing their guns with their tasers. Then they are shooting random people for “fear for their life .” Third, they sleeping with prostitutes. Well, that’s always been going on.Fourth, what gives them the right to break the law. Fifth, who wouldn feel safe with trigger happy, untrained police who are now trying to intimidate others.

I’ve had incidents with cops involved, and only one incident involving a cop. In my opinion, police officers should be trained the same way they train in the military. If they have to pull out any gun, regular or taser as often as you hear them accidentally shooting the innocent, then I would have to say that they are the ones at war. Putting your life on the line, sounds like war to me. Getting a way with murder sounds like war to me. Having to stand at a Starbucks to intimidate sounds like a pathetic bully to me.

The fact that Starbucks apologized only gives the authorites another reason to think they are superior. Untouchable. My parents rented out one of the rooms in our house to a police officer. We didn’t know she was one until my mother was arrested along with her union workers for trespassing during a strike protest. Which they weren’t. Anyhow, I liked the modesty of her knowing how intimidating she would be to a family of seven children and endless people coming in and our our home. Especially those seven childen being as bad as we were. Her civility gave her my adoration. 

Maybe that’s what’s wrong with society, nowadays. We label, rank, bring order, give power – we either degrade or give praise when we are all the same. This who have made the most impact in life, are the ones who are dismissed from what they contributed to make a change. I’m not saying all police officers are the same everywhere, but they do a say that majory rules.


America. Land of the free. At what cost?

I am at it again. I can’t get over the facts, statistics, petitions, bringing awareness to America regarding our civil rights and violation of childrens’ rights. Yes I get that parents are distraught, so can you imagine our children. In a way, if I have to look at the bright side, even though it is very dim, the bright side for me, was having a say in where my children were placed. As soon as I seen that my family called cps, I signed over my rights.Still under cps provisions, they tried to take my daughter after she was born, and tried putting her in a foster home. I made sure she went home to her brother and sister. Once again, abortion not being an option, when my son was born, the father of my oldest son adopted my baby, after finding out his girlfriend couldn’t have any of her own.

Not everyone had it as good as I did. I pray and thank God if not for his grace, it proabably wouldn’t had happened that way. I remember being on the streets and just being fed up. I’d call my mom, crying like a baby, wanting to give up. She would put me on hold and as soon as heard my son’s or my daughter’s voice, I could feel the pieces of my scattered brain being put back into my brain. There would be a moment during my time on the phone with them, the crying stopped, the world around me was ignored or non-existant. Those little voices put my shattered self back together as a reminder of what I am here for.

The pain and suffering has turned into anger. This anger will turn into something else if I allow it. My dream, goal, mission, strive, maybe it’s my destinity or fate will have me do something to change the main foundtion the department of human and health services established the children’s bureau. Those were a different time. The 1800s were different times, but guess what, things haven’t changed. There are still, if not more, people homeless, there are still disabled not receiving their benefits. Elder not being cared for. Foster kids in the 1800s were immigrants who really didn’t have familes. Instead of taking them from their family, they were looking for families to adopt them and the same time making sure they foster and adoptive parents weren’t going to put them to labor.

I have slowly been putting out spurts of facts for people to kind of understand here cps is coming from, as far as the history goes, to get insight on why they need major training and develpment. Social service, much like teachers, need to have a purpose as to why people ask for the services deemed rightfully theirs. If they forced the homeless into homes, I wouldn’t be mad. Or made everyone without income receive GA automatically. Wouldn’t that make social services mad! How about we make a law to take children away from the foster home. I wonder what cps would do if there a mass raid on all foster care facility, every group and residential home, just intrude into their lives making sure our children aren’t being abused.

I have yet to come up with bugdet to work on the the root of the problem. It is in the making, I just have to piece it together. 

Only in America? What happened to Uncle Sam, The Forest Fire Bear, and all the other fairy creatures?

They are right in front of us. We literally live in a three ring circus, a carnaval circus, I’m waiting to the Lock Ness Monster come out of the waters and chase a woman in childbirth, the moon to turn into blood, and we’re going to see Jack and Jill running away with the fork and the spoon. Have we ever stopped to think what we must look like to other countries? We elected a black man before a white woman for office; we a have a canary looking president and an immigrant first lady; now we have this young guy who happens to be gay and a mayor running for president, if elected he will place the first first man in the oval office, and frankly he sounds more educated than what the president claims not to be. 

Let me begin with putting a black man before a white woman in office. Please, for anyone who finds it in anyway difficult to read this, please give me chance. American history has us all messed up. I heard the srories, I read novels and history books. I even watched those no good over rated and over priced movies. I wasn’t there and I wasn’t a part of it. However, if we go by what the schools want s to learn, than you would understand how we would not appoint a white woman for office. Let’s be fair, women were suffering just as much, but women were already hear. No I take that back, some of those slaves had a different term. It is called trafficking. It’s like slavery. No different. They were being mistreated, sold, over worked, underpaid, and owned or disowned. How, in this day of age, there is still racism, is beyond my comprehension. To wrap my brain around the thought makes me sick besides giving me a headache.

Does anyone know why Trump became president? Do we even know why people voted for him? I only have my answers: 1. good business man 2. he has the money 3. he not only looks like a monkey and sounds like a monkey, he is no monkey. Does anyone know how the decision process works? The president just makes a fool of himself while those in control take control. I figure, Trump is doing what they want him to do only making or having fun. Then we have him closing in on immigrants, with his wife… Nothing against them, it’s how this coungry is making us look and fell and act. He’s doing the same thing every other president has done before him. Only this one is actually telling on himself and expressing what past presidents couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Now wec have the millennial. Gay, educated, a humanitarian, religious and knows how to speak on it. I have seen him in a couple of interviews, he seems to intimidate some hosts. He would make history by making his husband the first first man of the White House. Kind of like what JFK would remind me of, without the gay part, or maybe you never know. We still don’t know the real reason he was killed. (It feels good to practice this right.) One more thing about this new guy, he also reminds me of a sophisticated Eric from That 70s Show. Back to my thought, he can talk the talk, but will his start walking his talk?. Theme song “Walk that talk, yea, walk that talk. ” from the movie Hustle and Flow. I also picture his mother taking over the White House with his husband enjoying whetever they have in there. I’m sure they’ll make the best of it.

This has been the most bazaars thing I’ve ever written about the US. 

The way I look at it, of course it’s just my opinion, is America is starting to show it’s true colors. It has to get worse before it could get better. Those who have claimed to be leaders of this country based that right on lies. Everything will come to light. No stone shall be unturned. The dark can’t hide from the light. America, brace yourself. You could either enjoy the ride and ride with it or gain resiliance, but make sure you prepare to die. Redemption for salvation, not temptation for infatuation. The times are near. Like a theif in the night it will be here because you won’t know it. Unless you stay prepared then you won’t have to worry about it, you’ll just be about it.  

  1. Why do people fear? I used to be afraid of the dark. That’s because I couldn’t see in the dark. For me, it’s the unknown that scares me. However, we are not on the dark. Through Jesus, God sent him to give us that message. He tells us to love one another, help each other, give time to whoever. 
  2. Why is that so hard to see for America? Have we turned that evil? There are so many people who are war vetetans, have disabilities, social workers are supposed to provide services, not tear families apart. 
  3. Can we change? Apperantly, we don’t want to. O I say we because if I am the only one who wants to save myself and I can’t help you  or even convince you to save yourself, then I deserve to stay in hell with you I knownI have done enough, but now I understand Jesus, Ghandi, Mahattma, Ali, just kidding. It’s so immense you can feel it, you just have to control it.
  4. Does it sound insane? Look what we did to Jesus. The whole dramatics was probably untrue, but I believe the message is clear. People who say they believe in God, don’t because they justify their wrongs. I don’t ever say I am perfect, nor do I think I am better than anyone. 
  5. To conclude, I find life to be complicated because we refuse to let others get above, ahead, accelerate before us. We always have to be on top of our game. There would be no game without an apponent. Since I don’t want to be alone, I play the game. 

It has been good my human beings. No it hasn’t. Ever since the womb, tycoon. Even the song fits my message. I vote E-40 for president. Ali Wong for vice. Let’s put all jokes aside. Say you lived outside of America, what would you say about this country. Did you know that America is based on immigrants. My blood is Spaniard, not Mexican. Did you know that some of you might even have some Native American, which by the way mean the Original People. You may even have traces of African American, or Eskimo, or sheep. Just playing, but them Spaniards weren’t.

At the same time, if you were born in America, you are American. But! There is a big but, that wouldn’t be what your DNA would say. I do advise, that when it comes to paternity, heritage, not so much a drug test, but most definity a maternity as well – with cps prowling,it would be best to do a blood sample rather than a saliva and gross if you’d do a urine sample, maybe for cps, and send them a gift with that too.

Beauty and the Beast

I always like to think of it as beauty in the beast. I once had someone ask around if we were born evil or good. One person had a good point by saying we are all born with the original sin which is why we are baptized after being born. Only with that, I questioned about those who weren’t baptized, does it make them evil? Another pointed out how when we are babies we are greedy because we depend on others to take care of us, feed us, change us, etc… I had to argue with that by stating the fact that we didn’t ask to be born so why wouldn’t those who brought us into this world to do that for us. 

The question still baffles me, and the sheer thought of being born evil gives me the chills. If that were the case, why would we ask to be born and I’d want to keep crying like a baby rather than to be evil. The world is hard enough to go around pondering how we are born. It would be better to ask why are people so evil? Whether we were born good or bad, we reach a point in our lives when we know what is right from wrong. Based on what we know we make decisions, hopefully doing the right thing. So why is life so complicated? We make our lives as so.

We know we are at an age of freedom, or more like people just do whatever they want. But since babies is the topic of examples, let me use it again. So we as human beings know the consequence of having sex. Among them being STDs, but unwanted pregnancies is probably the number one reason people shouldn’t want to have unprotected sex. So here we have a 13 year, or a 16 year old, or a 29 year old who has unprotected sex. The first mistake was having unprotected sex. I made the same mistake. Now if you are willing to bring a child into the world to raise it into an upstanding citizen then by all means. 

Having premarital unprotected sex is a sin but not against the law unless it is rape (of any kind). Considering it is a complicated life, is who would want to bring any child into this world anyway. Having an abortion is a sin but not against the law. Now we wonder why life is so complicated. If we outlawed premarital sex there would be no issue against abortion. My issue with abortion and call me a hypocrite I know, is there are women out there being sluts, whores and doing all against morality while having a crutch like abortion allowing them to do so with options. Let’s take away that option, do you think women would think twice before having premarital sex. If we made a law against premarital sex how many children would be born or unborn? 

The rules in life are simple and we complicate it to justify the wrong we do. I am only human I have made mistakes so I am nobody to preach, but I do have a say. The laws of nature will always stay the same. The laws of man will forever make a change. Is that change worth it to man? Is it neccessary to always move words around and put them under a new catagory and call it change? Someone once told me  I like to play with words. That may be true. However, I don’t play with emotions, and if what I say affects you, it’s on you how you take them. Actions aren’t always stronger than words and some words can actually hurt. 

Still recovering

I realize I have a lot of unresolved issues, a lot of recentments, a lot of anger, a lot of pain, a lot of trauma that I have yet to discover. For example, I was in a situation that unbeknownst to me resulted in us being locked in someones house. As my hands began to shake, my palms began to sweat and I noticed myself taking more swigs of liquor I was savoring before. The anxiety mist had been obvious because I have three of my friends tryimg to cam me down. One of them knew very well why I was was trying to steady my breath, calm myself down, and them assuring me that they would get the gate open.

After five years of abuse, part of it involved being locked in or out of my place. He would either kick me out at all hours of the 24 hours in the day or I’d wake up to being alone and not being able to leave the room. He had a lock outside the door and the windows were screwed shut. As easy it may sound to say that I could have broke the window, it wasn’t that easy.

Before I went into a relationship like that, I was the first one to talk shit about and to the victim. “Why doesn’t she just leave him?” “Why does she keep going back?” “I’d kick his ass or get my brothers cousins, or my boys to do it.” Sounds like I was a real bitch. I could not and would have not tolerate a man hitting a woman. My father never raised his voice let alone a hand towards my mother. I never saw my brothers do it either. Well actually one time. My mother was there and it was the first and last time that brother ever did it. He got kicked out and it took my mother a month to forgive him for doing that to the mother of his child.

Considering where I ca me from, who I am, and the way I was brought up you ‘d think I knew better. But I didn’t because when they predator knows it’s prey, there is no stopping the predator and no saving the prey. See I knew the monster before I knew him as a monster. I knew his whole family. His parents, his sister was in the same class as my oldest sister, his brother as my other sister, his other brother as mine, and his little sister as my little brother. I didn’t even know they had an older brother and found out until years later about him and one of my oldest brothers were in the same class as well and they were the only ones in their class that didn’t speak English both coming from Mexico. When he was 18, he tells me, he moved to San Pablo, CA. When he was 18, I was only 9 years old. Of course, I wouldn’t remember him if I ever even knew him. 

When you least expect it or even if you did expect it, it is always a shock when the person you love strikes you, betrays you, uses you, forces you do something you don’t want to do, and you continue to love that person. It isn’t wrong to love them. Unless you are the one doing the abuse, anything you do for the one who is, is not wrong. Be assured tjat doing the right thing for the wrong person is a blessing and a gift to be able to tollerate such madness. There are only two rules to follow: what’s right is right and what’s wromg is wrong. Anyone who begs to differ knows when theh choose to do wrong.

What does our future look like?

‚ÄčThere is a crisis in the United States regarding the future involving the children of tomorrow. In San Francisco alone there are 950 children in foster homes who will age out with no life management skills. Although, the state has recognized their mistake by passing bills, there are still the actions that need to be taken for these children who have been through very traumatic situations. Almost 50% of those homeless, right now, in our streets, are under the age of 26 and have aged out of the foster system. We have yet to see how many more could be saved or with 950 more homeless. We all have busy lives and we can’t put the blame on anyone thing. If that’s the case than I could blame those who choose not to help to stop the crisis. With reasonable thoughts and ideas, take a look at the future. Do we really need our economy to continue to decline because we put blame on others, or do we want to look back in the future and be proud of the difference made from the effort of helping. The motto is united we stand. Divided we fall. The separation of families in the US has made the children of today bitter, cold, disrespectful, and with every right to their reason. We can change that. To begin, there is a program called SF CASA – San Francisco Court Appointed Special Advocate. It is a volunteer program. I just hope that people find the joy in just helping, at the same time molding a child for a better future not just for them for all of us. 

Michael Jackson had the idea when he and several other artists sat together and produced “We Are the World, We Are the Children”. Our children are our future. We make them, mold them, create with them, we make them into the human beings they are tomorrow. Unfortunately, not everyine has had the greater chance of having a loving home. Even if it wasn’t loving. It was nonetheless a home. I have spoken to people who were less fortunate than I who were forced to live that life style, because their way of living is a style and they grew up feeling neglected, abused, used, and the worst, no one they could trust. When they see someone who puts trust in them thwir only guard from feeling volnerable is to do what has been done to them. As they see that I am someone they could trust, even though they have done things for me not to trust them, I continue to show them that respect. It makes them see that the world isn’t so cold, people aren’t always so ugly, and there may be some life in them. 

People want facts, they want evidence, they apply statistics, they compare, but they forget to see that EVERY situation, person, place, thing, ALL is not the same. What may be okay for me, may not be okay witth my daughter, but may be okay for my son, and not okay for his father. That is of coutse just an example of how one famoly could have so manu differences in just by making a choice. When we choose to do nothing or choose to do what is wrong knowing it is wrong and refusing to do the right thing for selfish reasons, what do you think will happen? Do we deserve to live in a world so cruel. Or do we deserve to live with peace and in harmony with life itself. 

Here is a question I have asked plenty of people. There is no right or wrong answer because it is how you feel you should handle it. If the end of the world started RIGHT NOW, Armageddon was going on right now, what would you do? The sky is falling, there are zombies out of nowhere attacking, demons are seducing, the worst of the worst with fire from hell breaking loose, how would you react to that? 

Maybe tjat’s why our children of today are as bitter and I feel less emotionally attached, because the end of days, although it shouldn’t be that way, everyone for themselves. No one will look out for each other. No one will stop to think or stop to help others. The greed of America has struck like a lightning bolt. In a world where people have to fight for HUMAN rights, that doesn’t even sound right, fight for human rights, is so inhumane. We have done it. We allowed the devil to win. We fed it’s glory where Jesus and his soldiers will come down to battle the evil. Aren’t we ever so lucky to have Mary and Jesus. If it weren’t for them, God would have already sticken us and there would be no more man to exist. Animals are more civil.than humans. We may have the intellect but we don’t have the morals, values, decency, respect, loyalty, honor, and most definitly we lack being unselfish. 

We are the world, our children our future, whike fighting for human rights, who is going to be fighting their own demons? Can anyone help you? Only you could prevent the fire of hell attack you. You choose. It is your free will.